Wide range of meeting rooms

Conference, meeting, workshop or exhibition? In our Meeting Point at Media Evolution City we have a wide range av meeting rooms for any occasion. Our 8 rooms can be booked by anyone at any time and are fully equipped with wi-fi and printer/scanner/copier. Members of Media Evolution gets a discount.

Get in touch with us at meeting@mediaevolution.se if you want to book a room or if want to know more about them.

Restaurant Stora Varvsgatan 6  offers a number of services: full dinners and lunches, yummy fika, drinks and snacks.

Welcome to visit, we will be happy to show you around!

Public Meeting Rooms - Media Evolution City
(Stora Varvsgatan 6a)


Multirummet (The Multi Room)
1-120 people (200 people standing).

Our largest meeting room! Enjoy the view of the harbour and varvsstaden…

Superrummet (The Super Room)

Boundless ideas thrives in unbounded environments. In The Super Room,…

Utbildningsrummet (The Training Room)
1-36 people

A large room well suited for lectures and other educational purposes. O…

Rundabordsrummet (The Round Table Room)
1-16 people

The Round Table Room for Round Table meetings, with square tables. Lig…

Chambre Separée
1-10 people

Chambre Separée is well suited for the super important meeting. Separa…

Blå Rummet (The Blue Room)
1-8 people

The Blue Room is a conference room perfect for smaller meetings and boa…

Bersårummet (The Bower Room)
1-8 people

Our greenest meeting room. In The Bower Room thrive both ideas and walls…