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Superfredag at Media...

For the first-ever (!) Superfredag at Media Evolution City Gängtappen, we’ve teamed up with our fri…

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Starting this week, we will offer yoga sessions in Media Evolution City. The first session will be held on We…

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Morning Choir

Have you always dreamt about singing in a choir? You have, haven’t you? You precious little hummingbird. Fr…

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Meet Karolina at Mynewsdesk

Meet Karolina at Mynewsdesk. They are one of our houseguests at Gängtappen! Listen to her story about what it’s like having your office at Media Evolution City.                                                                           

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Say hello to our new houseguests Årstiderna

We would like to give a warm welcome to Årstiderna who just moved in with us at Stora varvsgatan 6! Just to give you guys a small introduction to our new friends we decided to sit down and interview Rachel Seow Sosa, CEO at Årstiderna.  Årstiderna is a comp…
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Meet our house guests Johanna and Martin

Together with Wihlborgs and Based on a True Story we went and talked to our house guests Martin from Kolossal and Johanna from Open studio about their experiences of having their offices at Media Evolution City and being part of the Media Evolution comm…
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