2019-03-18 Events


Starting this week, we will offer yoga sessions in Media Evolution City. The first session will be held on Wednesday between 7:30 and 8:30 AM and will be free of charge! From then on, every session will cost 150 SEK, registration will be mandatory.

The yoga will be held every Wednesday. With two different instructors every other time, Tina and Torgny.

Tina got in touch with toga 19 years ago and has ever since then been her greatest passion she is also a certified Yoga Alliance teacher. Her style of yoga is dynamic which both strengthen and relaxess your body. Every session starts with a warmup and ends with a relaxation part. Everybody is welcome, both PROs and beginners!

Torgny is the founder of Yoga Höllviken and works full time with yoga! He works with companies and holds multiple classes in his yoga-studio. His style of yoga can also be defined as dynamic but might make you sweat a little bit more. Torgny is also a certified Yoga Alliance teacher.

If you need some more info or register for the yoga-sessions, CLICK HERE

WHEN: Wednesdays between 7.30 -8.30
WHERE: Media Evolution City, Multirummet
HOSTED BY: Tina & Torgny