Online Services

We can help you design and produce your next virtual or semi-virtual gathering. Focus on the content and let us assist you with the technical parts!   

Sometimes a good room is all it takes for a good meeting. But for those other times, we’d be happy to help too! Get in touch!

Every other Friday we have our masseur, Robert Logrell, here at Media Evolution City. He has been with us for quite some time and is absolutely amazing! 

Check out his availability and book your own slot by clicking the link.

Great decisions are never made while hungry. That’s why we have a restaurant to serve excellent food and service to our conference guests.

Our community holds a lot of knowledge and exciting people that’s presented in different events. Visit our event calendar to find out more.

Media Evolution City is a place for anyone and everyone. Come by and have a fika, do a little work in our open spaces or play a game of ping pong.