2020-02-18 Misc @en

World’s Best Morning:”How to Spot Emerging Technologies & Stay Creative

We love Fridays. And breakfast. And our community. Combine the three of them and you get the “World’s Best Morning”.

This World’s Best Morning is hosted by our friends from 24HR.

>> ”How to Spot Emerging Technologies, Stay Creative, and get the Most out of Your Pet Projects ” <<

There are direct benefits to be had from allowing employees to explore their pet projects during work hours. Tina and Kristoffer will tell you why 24HR see personal creative projects as an important part of staying up-to date with emerging technologies for the company as a whole.

You will learn:

A great way to learn new things is to run side projects, or rather pet projects, where you are your own boss. But how do you keep them going, and how do you get the most out of them? Tina Håkansson, full-stack developer at 24HR, will share some of the techniques she’s using and how they have helped her.

Then Kristoffer Yi Fredriksson will give an introduction to Wardley Mapping, a technique that can be used to identify what’s on the horizon in the fast moving tech industry, and how it can be applied to basically any field. During the talk Kristoffer will also reveal some interesting technologies that 24HR are betting on for the future.

SPEAKER: Tina Håkansson, full-stack developer & Kristoffer Yi Fredriksson, concept developer.

WHEN: Friday, February 28, 8am – 9.30am (breakfast between 8.00 – 8.30am)

WHERE: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6A, 211 19 Malmö


FOR: All members of Media Evolution and friends of 24HR


*The event is supported by Media Evolution project Create Converge, Interreg North Sea region program.