2019-05-07 Misc @en


For the next Superfredag, we’re delighted to have our friends from ÅF as hosts.

The smart city or future city discussion is often centered around technical infrastructure, big data and efficiency. However, ÅF would rather come at this issue from a slightly different angle. By focusing in on the people and the interactions in the future city, you’ll get the chance to partake in a discussion that is constantly going on – both internally and externally – in the context of ÅF.

Helena Paulsson, Head of Urban Development at ÅF, will start the dialogue with some questions about how people can drive urban city development through frictions in everyday life. How does friction emerge? And how can it function as a necessary evil in the development of future cities?

Hannah Wadman, Spatial Planner at ÅF, will talk about the frictional process of developing future urban environments. In a city, there are numerous perspectives and logics when people come together in a small area. Who decides on the city’s development? In the Nordic region, the municipality drives the planning process guaranteeing a democratic influence for the citizens through consultation. What would happen it was the other way around?

Last, Creative Sound Designer at ÅF, Martin Hallberg, will discuss how urban sound planning could be a democratic process driven by friction. As a citizen, you are the composer of the urban soundscape, but who governs what you hear?

When the presentations are done, there will be a panel talk with the speakers and questions from the audience.

Helena Paulsson, Head of Urban Development at ÅF
Hannah Wadman, Spatial Planner at ÅF
Martin Hallberg, Creative Sound Designer at ÅF

As soon as the seminar has come to an end, it’s time to mingle and have a little something to sip on. Together. In style. As always.

DJs and more info TBA shortly.

WHEN: Friday, May 24 2019. Seminar starts at 4pm and the bar opens at 5pm.
WHERE: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6A, 211 19 Malmö
WHAT: Superfredag: “Friction in Future Cities”
FOR: All members of Media Evolution & friends of ÅF.