2019-08-16 Misc @en

Superfredag August 23

Superfredag: “The Benefits of Outdoor Office Work”

Welcome to the first Superfredag of the season. This time, we’ve teamed up with our friends from StickUt Malmö, a collaboration with Malmö University and The City of Malmö.

Seminar about “The Benefits of Outdoor Office Work” at 4pm (sign up on bit.ly/SuperfredagStickUt).

Festivities bars/DJs/food/drinks from 5pm (no registration needed).


Are you in the habit of working outdoors from time to time? Have you even tried it? While some of us do take a “walk n’ talk” or a seat at the nearest piazza when the opportunity occurs during the workday, most of us spend long hours indoors in office buildings. How well-advised is that, really?

The body of scientific results linking contact with nature to human health and wellbeing is huge. Among other things, the research concludes that outdoor environments can enhance learning, boost creativity, create positive relations and make for more environmentally sustainable behaviors.

This event is hosted by our friends from StickUt Malmö. Join them for a presentation of the very first results from an interactive research project they do in collaboration with Malmö universitet/Malmö University and The City of Malmö, where they explore how the concept of “outdoor office work” can contribute to a more sustainable and innovative working life.

Sign up to the seminar here: bit.ly/SuperfredagStickUt

Charlotte Petersson, Project Manager StickUt Malmö and PhD student in Urban studies at Malmö University
Susanna Toivanen, Professor in Sociology at Mälardalen University
Ebba Lisberg-Jensen, Associate Professor in Human ecology at Malmö University
Fredrika Mårtensson, Associate Professor in Environmental Psychology at The Swedish School of Agriculture
Christina Bodin Danielsson, Associate Professor in Architecture at The Royal School of Technology
Eva Hoff, Associate Professor in Psychology at Lund University

As soon as the seminar has come to an end, it’s time to mingle and have a little something to sip on. Together. In style. As always.

DJ: Niklas Tjäder

WHEN: Friday, August 23, 2019. Seminar starts at 4pm and the bar opens at 5pm.
WHERE: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6A
WHAT: Superfredag: “The Benefits of Outdoor Office Work”
HOSTED BY: Malmö Universitet och Malmö Stad
SEMINAR REGISTRATION: bit.ly/SuperfredagStickUt