2017-11-15 Events


Fridays! Love them. Need them. Always looking forward for them. So, mark your calendar for November 24th, because then it’s time for our Friday get- together: SUPERFREDAG!

Superfredag is a good old fashioned ”after work” – that always come with some super perks. For this Superfredag November 24th, we’ll prepare plenty of refreshments, drinks and also we’ll be having a jazz and gin & tonic bar (!) The perfect end to your work week. Come as you are and bring the ones you love.

4’o clock! Member Meetup!
If you’re in the mood for meet new or old members from Media Evolution, or if you just want an excuse to leave work early – we’ll start with a Member Meetup at 4 o clock. Member meetup, is exactly what it sounds like – a meet up for members, new as old ones. And this time, also for you who are curious about the membership in Media Evolution. We drink some bubbles, talk, get to know each other, knowledge share between each other and also look into the possiblities and challenges you have. A nice and easy way to meet a bunch of great people who are a part of Southern Sweden’s most dynamic, loving and democratic community for innovation and digital development. [registration needed]

5’o clock! Bar open!
The doors open for everyone, member or not member. Bring your colleague, friend, partner and parents. There will be surprises. There will be drinks and it will without a doubt be a fun and loving evening.

WHAT: Superfredag
WHEN: Friday November 24th, 5 pm (4 pm if you’re joining the Member Meetup)
WHERE: Media Evolution City
FOR: Everyone!
HOW: Attend on Facebook and just show up 🙂
MEETUP: If you’re joining the member meetup too, register here:http://bit.ly/superfredag24th