2019-07-04 Misc @en


It is finally summer and we’re hoping that all of you at Media Evolution City are enjoying it as much as possible. We just want to wish you all a pleasant summer and share some important information about the house:

– The restaurant (Stora Varvsgatan 6) will be closed for five weeks, between week 28 and 32.

– We will have cleaning staff here all of July.

– The mail (both inbound and outbound) will be delivered as usual!

During July these numbers can be good to have in hand.

– In case of an emergency at MEC (fire, burglary, leaks, clogged sewage system etc), please call Wihlborgs on 040-690 57 00.

– Helpline (Monday-Friday between 16.00-07.00 + weekends), 020-57 67 00

– Mikael Borg, building manager, 040-690 57 44