2019-09-12 Misc @en

Seminar: Being yourself with biometrics

Are you curious about biometrics and how the technology can revolutionize our everyday lives? Join this session and learn more.



We clearly see a major trend where everything is becoming digital, where more and more can be accomplished through our mobile devices. The question is: how can you ensure that people, institutions, banks and companies know who you are, without a physical meeting? How do you access a building or a digital service without using an object or having to remember a password or pin-code? With biometrics this is possible, you don’t need to do anything but being yourself.

The ongoing evolution of biometrics and their application is truly transformational. Come and find out what the future is set to look like at our special after work event. We’ll be sharing how biometric technology is adapting to human behavior, making every day simpler and better.


Sarandis Kalogeropoulos, Sr Manager Sales/Business Development


As soon as the seminar has come to an end, it’s time to mingle and have a little something to sip on. Together. In style. As always.

DJs: Be my lover: Linn & Josefa

FOOD? Our fab restaurant Stora Varvsgatan 6 will treat all of us as with yummy nice food.

KIDS’ ROOM! 🎉 As always, we want to welcome the whole family. Therefore we will once again turn our Chambre Séparée into a proper kids’ room. Bring your children, siblings, nephews or nieces for some holiday crafts, child-friendly movies and popped corn!

WHEN: Friday, September 20, seminar starts at 4pm and the bar opens at 5pm.

WHERE: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6A, Malmö

WHAT: Superfredag: “Being Yourself With Biometric Technology”

HOSTED BYPrecise Biometrics

FOR: All members of Media Evolution & friends of Precise Biometrics.

REGISTER: Register for seminar here.

Most welcome!