2021-03-16 Misc @en

New booking system for our internal meeting rooms

This week we’re going LIVE with the Awaio app for our house guests! By changing to awaio we are hoping to make bookings of the internal meeting rooms a whole lot easier for you. We have been working together with the Awaio-crew for the last couple of weeks to implement their new app into our community.

To get started you simply just search for “Awaio” on GooglePlay or AppStore and download the app. Register with an email that’s connected to your company and voilá, now you have an overview of all our meeting rooms that each are tagged with what kind of equipment they have and also what kind of meetings/work projects they are best suited for.

Try scanning the QR-code that’s located outside of each internal meeting room and it will redirect you to that meeting room in the app, give you a quick overview of availability and an opportunity to reserve the room in only two clicks.

If you have any questions or issues when creating your account, contact meeting@mediaevolution.se