Customized Events

Combine our beautiful meeting rooms, the knowledge from the Media Evolution community and our long experience in creating memorable and inspiring get-togethers, both big and small.

The location: Our 8 meeting rooms can be booked by anyone for any occasion at any time and are fully equipped with wi-fi and printer/scanner/copier and on-demand service.

The process: Does your company have a complex challenge ahead? A challenge that you cannot solve on your own? This is where Media Evolution and its many members within the digital industries come in. We can help you define your challenge and tailor a collaborative process specifically for your needs. Or maybe you need a moderator? A facilitator? Just let us know and we can arrange a process based on your needs. 

The knowledge: Maybe you want to kick off the day with an inspirational talk about innovation and the industry you are in? Continue your inspiration trip with one of the members from the Media Evolution community – together representing major skills, anything from smart cities, AI, app development, leadership trends to consumer behaviour, all with focus on the digital shift. You make a wish and we make sure to find the right person for your next session. 

The food: The right energy levels are essential for any meeting. Together with our restaurant we can make sure you’re all fueled up with both energy and deliciousness.

The experience: Study-visits, DJ, picnic, photo session, tailored event design. Just ask and we will make sure that your next meeting becomes something to remember!

Get in touch with us at and we will schedule a planning session.