2020-03-12 Misc @en

🩠 Important info about Coronavirus covid-19 🩠

Dear Community,
As a result of the Coronavirus, covid-19, the following applies for Media Evolution and Media Evolution City.

We have introduced new routines for our premises:
· Clearer signage on how to wash your hands. We urge all who visit Media Evolution City to take good hand hygiene
· We will increase the frequency when cleaning our toilets and areas many people touch such as doors and elevator buttons.

Participants registered for any of our upcoming activities and events, will receive updated information about the status of that particular activity.

To keep in mind when visiting our meeting places or any of our activities:
· Everyone with symptoms of respiratory infection, even mild ones, is urged to forgo social contacts that are at risk of spreading infection.
· The situation means that it is important that everyone with symptoms, even mild ones, limit social contacts where infection is at risk of transmission. This applies both in working life and in private life and can help to reduce the extent of dissemination.
· If you feel ill and have traveled in areas with pronounced infection, or have been in contact with people with infection, you should stay at home.
· If you have respiratory symptoms, cough or fever and have been in a risk area, you should stay at home and immediately contact VÄrdguiden 1177 on the telephone for further assessment.
· If you feel uncertain about restrictions on the Coronavirus, we refer to 1177.se where you can read about the Coronavirus and what you are expected to do.

We are following closely updated information from the Public Health Authority and WHO and will continue to act accordingly.

Stay on your feet and be kind out there! ❀

All the best!
friends at Media Evolution and Media Evolution City

— — —

KÀra community, 
I anledning av coronaviruset, covid-19, gÀller tills vidare följande för Media Evolution och Media Evolution City.

Vi har infört nya rutiner för vÄra lokaler:

Deltagare anmÀlda till nÄgon av vÄra kommande aktiviteter och arrangemang, fÄr uppdaterad information mailad till sig om status för just den aktiviteten.

Att tÀnka pÄ nÀr du besöker vÄra mötesplatser eller medverkar pÄ nÄgon att vÄra aktiviteter:

Vi följer noggrant uppdaterad information frÄn FolkhÀlsomyndigheten och WHO och kommer löpande agera dÀrefter.

HÄll dig pÄ fötterna och var snÀll dÀr ute!

VÀnnerna pÄ Media Evolution City och Media Evolution