2014-09-09 Events

Storytelling workshop with Actionform

18 september, 2014 – 08:30 – 16:30

”to hell with facts!
we need stories” – Ken Kesey

4 out of 5 swedes dislike commercials, according to Sveriges annonsörer. Even so, to an overwhelming extent we are still being hit by cheap tricks, vanity and hollow messages.

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The opposite to this waste of money is storytelling. It is the art of being heard by merely whispering. It is how you get invited without knocking. And it is how you get retold – over and over again.

The stories about you are out there. We will explain how you can take hold of them and construct them so other human beings can spread them with ease.

You will also get an introduction to story branding. How humongous brands like IKEA, Apple and Disney has managed to short cut their way to your gut and heart. How they make people act. How they create action.

What’s in it for me?
– What can my business or organisation gain by becoming a storybrand?

I will never forget a face.
– What does science say about our brains being wired for stories.

Poorly dubbed german house wives who love to clean
– People have never ever been prone to advertising by fear.

What can my brand learn from TV-series like Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad and True Detective?
– Scouting for the stories of 2014.

Chevrolet, Google Maps and Always.
– The good examples of bravery.

The house of Drama
– The most important tools for storytelling.

What is my story and how do I tell it?
– Workshop and discussion.

Storybranding – Is my brand a Zlatan or an Astrid Lindgren?
– Workshop: Introducing the Pearson Archetypal System

About the Actionform crew
– Anders Hallberg: Storyteller and Art Director on the storytelling agency Actionform, with years of experience from being a drone in the ad-business.
– Vibeke Specht: Storyteller and copywriter at Actionform with a past as a night time cabdriver, journalist and leader writer.

Arrangement: 1 day
Date: 18:th of September 2014
Price: members: 3 000 SEK ex VAT, non members: 4 000 SEK ex VAT. Registration is binding, but can be transferred to the colleague or friend
Education company: Actionform
Instructors: Vibeke Specht och Anders Hallberg, Actionform
Questions: Contact Helen Berg (helen@mediaevolution.se) at Media Evolution
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Language: English

The education is part of Media Evolution Competence where member companies will share their knowledge through educations and workshops.