2013-10-18 Events

V.B.A.W with Hyper Island

Once upon a time, it was the beginning of August. We, the students of Hyper Island Karlskrona, set our first foot upon the Island. Exploring and challenging our minds and creativity. Almost creating a Bubble, of trust and frustration.

But once in a while we cross the bridge and visit the outside world. Soon such an event is happening. Students from Motion Graphics and Digital Media will together venture towards Malmö.

It’s time for the Bubble to pop. It’s time for us, the Hyper Island students, to leave our beloved Island and present what makes our brains tick.

Come join us at Världens Bästa Afterwork, and let us present our latest creations.

Sponsor of this evenings event: Highway Ljus & Ljud AB

What: Världens Bästa After Work
When: Friday 18th of Oct.
Drinks: Yes
Register: Yes please, attend at our Facebook event
Where: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6A, Malmö