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How to create a parliament party in two years

10 december, 2015 – 16:3018:30

The actual conference The Conference might happen once a year but we’re creating all sorts of content, year round, exploring how we all can make ideas happen in the digital world. December 10th we invite you to an evening seminar with Uffe Elbæk, as a continuation of the make it happen track from The Conference.

For 10 years, the Swedish feminist party has tried to get into parliament. Although great coverage in media, they still haven’t made the 4% barrier. A few miles west, the Danish party The Alternative made the parliament journey, in two years.

The 10th of December, Uffe Elbæk, founder and party leader of The Alternative joins us at Media Evolution City to share his exciting journey from creating a party, crowdsourcing the party program, attracting new members and finally, getting 18 % of the Copenhageners’ votes, without a budget.

Related: In 2014, Uffe closed The Conference with a much appreciated talk on how to challenge the status quo’s of the world.

Moderator: Jonas Michanek, Idélaboratoriet
16.30 Beer and snacks
17.00 “How to create a Danish parliament party in two years”
Uffe Elbaek, party leader of danish The Alternative, tells the story of how he and his peers created a party, crowdsourced the political program and how they communicated to reach new members and become a strong voice in Danish society in no time. And.. how they managed to get 18 % of the Copenhageners’ votes, without a budget.
17:35 ”A Swedish Perspective on Danish The Alternative’s journey”
Emil Ejner Friis from Lund University and the MetaModerna think tank shares some insights from his study of The Alternative and how their working methods differ from the Swedish parties. How come The Alternative succeeded in two years with what parties like Feministiskt Initiative haven’t done in 10?
17:50 Comments from Heidi Avellan, political editor-in-chief at HD-Sydsvenskan and Mia Malmström, founder of First Flight, board member Media Evolution and now at IKEA Communication Creative Hub.
18:00 Hang-out


When: December 10th, 16:30-18:00
Where: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6A
Registration: Register here

Would love for you to join us! Don’t forget to register, the event is free but seats are limited.