2013-11-08 Events

Sweatshop no. 1

12 November, 2013 – 13:00 – 13 November, 2013 – 17:00

In November Media Evolution has picked this months theme to be “Change the game!” – because we see that the way we work is changing and needs to change, to keep up with the worlds demands. By looking at the working roles of tomorrow, we can be better prepared!

”Why are 2/3 of IT-project failures? Because the world is changing. The plan is not the product!” – Anders Gran from Ustwo at #webdevumea

This is what the Media Evolution Sweatshop is all about – the new work role in the future of digital production. We have taken expert help from process leader master Jonas Lidman with the support of Ritva Karlsson to create an unique process for you to explore your work role in the future!

As Undercurrent has so well put it
‘All creative developments follows’ a given pattern. We cannot develop an idea or a concept until we have a complete strategy, we have no strategy until we find an understanding and we cannot provide any insight until we’ve managed to dig deep into the context that we work with.
You probably recognize the process and in the meantime a quickly changing world as well as the changing conditions we act in, forces us to manage and adapt faster for us to be able to deliver a excellent result.’

The purpose of the master class Sweatshop is you meeting others in a workshop form to further develop your work in a creative development project. How can we develop our work process related to the change that we are experiencing? How can we develop existing or new roles? What are the insights and ideas that can help us develop new strategies, tactical grip or operational actions?

We will work with real cases during the workshop where we will challenge you as a participant in the given methods and techniques. You will work with people from different disciplines / roles. Experience sharing and knowledge exchange will be central and as a participant, you are involved in creating the content.
We will provide space for dialogue and reflection that will give you practical insights that you can take home and work on. This crash course addressed to you as a creator, developer, project manager, strategist, or production managers whom are curious and want to further develop today’s work processes, roles, and has a passionate interest in how we work together.

This is your chance to be a part of creating the work roles of the future!

“Before every successful conversion there is a strategy in place. Before every strategy is a creative idea. And all good creative ideas are fueled by extensive research and insights.” /James MacCrae atBluefountain Media.

Sweatshop is arranged on two occasions during November hosted by Media Evolution – inspired Jayway / Øredev and special developed and led by the consulting firms PlanB and Amarill and Media Evolution. And is made possible by ESF/ERUF support via our Competence Boost project.

Pick one of the occasions:
12 november (kl. 13.00-17.00) -13 november (kl. 09.00-17.00) 2013
Sweatshop no.1 anmälan!
27november (kl. 13.00-17.00) -28 november (kl. 09.00-17.00) 2013
Sweatshop no.2 anmälan!

Also, see our members breakfast hosted by PR-agency Mannov where you get trend spotting, communication facilities and shown a tool that could mean new innovations for your company. And you get that tool with you to take home!