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Superfredag: Diversify your communication – the time is now!

Join us for Superfredag and seminar, insights and fun on Oct 25!

About this Event

SUPERFREDAG: Diversify your communication!

Seminar at Media Evolution City, October 25

Diversify your communication! Stop wasting money, talents and resources and… make your huge social impact!

Welcome to a seminar about what role media could play in fostering a more inclusive society. How can media and communication be used as tools to help solve political and socio-economic issues? And why is it important to diversify your communication methods and teams?

The seminar is hosted by AKTARR, a news platform in Arabic that as such engages with the largest growing community in Sweden (300 000 readers and more than 5.2 million engagements every 28 days). Their platform helps keep the Arabic speaking community up-to-date with news and how the Swedish society works, but it’s also a platform form people to come together, air their views and discuss.

At the seminar we’ll take a closer look at one of their collaborations with the construction industry and how AKTARR, through their platform, generated thousands of applications to an industry plagued with labour redundancy. It’s AKTARR’s firm belief that it is inclusion that will battle the segregation in the Swedish society and that we need a common platform where leaders and civic society meet to discuss current issues.

This seminar is made possible by Create Converge, an international project (which Media Evolution is part of) with the mission to explore collaboration and convergence across the tech and creative sectors. In short it’s about using creativity, digital and tech to show, tell and sell.


We are hosting workshops and sharing information about best practice for creative skills and business development for people working across creative digital.

We want to connect businesses and promote work together to make breakthroughs in new markets and technologies. Seize the opportunity and join us!


Kotada Yonus, Founder of AKTARR


As soon as the seminar has come to an end, it’s time to mingle and have a little something to sip on. Together. In style. As always.


FOOD? Our fab restaurant Stora Varvsgatan 6 will treat all of us as with yummy nice food.

KIDS’ ROOM! 🎉 As always, we want to welcome the whole family. Therefore we will once again turn our Chambre Séparée into a proper kids’ room. Bring your children, siblings, nephews or nieces for some holiday crafts, child-friendly movies and popped corn!

WHEN: Friday, October 25, seminar starts at 4pm and the bar opens at 5pm.

WHERE: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6A, Malmö

WHAT: Superfredag: “Diversify your communication – The time is now


FOR: All members of Media Evolution & friends of AKTARR.


NO SHOW: 100 sek if you don’t show for the seminar and haven’t let us know that you aren’t able to make it.

Most welcome!

The event is supported by Media Evolution project Create Converge, Interreg North Sea region program.