2020-06-10 Misc @en

Need an office for a short amount of time?

These are times of uncertainty and while we all need to plan ahead, making plans for the near future can feel a bit difficult. As a response to this we’ve launched a new, super flexible, office solution at Media Evolution City. 

Throughout 2020 you can sign a short-term lease on one of our offices designed for 1-4 people (Fix Office 4). Move in quickly and keep the possibility of changing your mind with our new, slimmed, 2 week notice period. We call it short short-term.

A furnished full service office solution including:

Office size: 1-4 ppl
Lease: Choose a period between July 2020 – December 2020.
Notice period: 2 weeks

Interested? Get in touch with alexander@mediaevolution.se!

If you wish to stay with us in 2021, the lease will be transformed into an ongoing one with a notice period of 3 months from 2021-01-01.