2013-12-04 Misc @en

PwC moves into Media Evolution City!

Let’s welcome our latest premium member PwC into Media Evolution City!

PwC and Media Evolution have signed a rigid and exclusive premium membership. The rapid digital evolution and all the new communication possibilities is the main reason for this market leading accounting- and advising firm to enter into this exciting collaboration.

A mutual knowledge exchange!

PwC takes the collaboration one step further by moving into Media Evolution’s own house, Media Evolution City. To understand the media industry and their potential clients PwC stresses the value of having awareness of how the companies in the house are working, which is best done in the media industries own environments. To get inspired PwC will be manning a fixed desk in the Media Forest on tuesdays & thursdays.

This leads us to another purpose with the collaboration; to facilitate the everyday life of the companies tied to Media Evolution. PwC has an ambition to be a local support for the members of Media Evolution through providing its expertise within accounting, revision, tax and qualified financial advising

The Premium Membership

Media Evolution involves premium members from different industries who wants to cooperate and evolve together with the media industries. Innovations and business development happen when different industries meet, that’s why we love meetings. A Premium Membership at Media Evolution means a close collaboration, a whole bunch of benefits and the possibility to affect the content and mold the membership according to needs.