2013-11-08 Misc @en

New offer: The Best Visit!

Hello friends,

come and visit us at Media Evolution City!
Bring your team, your students or colleagues from the third floor – we love to have you!

We have filled a nice package for you, which we humbly call “The Best visit”.
It contains an inspiring tour of our nice house, lots of meeting places, our thoughts on the future, a good coffee and a fruitful workshop designed around Your needs.

During a half-day, we share our experiences and lessons learned from having built both the cluster Media Evolution, as well as the house and the inspiring meeting place we call Media Evolution City. We dive deeper into what the digitization of society means, and how it affects your business. And we immerse ourselves in a workshop based on Your challenges.

Our full, “You best visit” offer includes:

– Lunch and coffee + meeting room

– A presentation of Media Evolution, who we are and what we do, how we work with innovation in a shifting industry, what we have learnt along the way and methods we apply to make digitally driven innovation happen within both media and other industries

– The full story behind Media Evolution City (how it was co-created with the media industries, the city and the construction company) and how it looks and works today.

– A grand tour of Media Evolution City (and if you want to visit a selected company this can of course be included)

– Workshop (or discussions) with focus on Your challenges, based on Your questions, insights and learning’s from the visit

We urge you to contact our project manager Emma Estborn to book a date and get a quote for The Best visit in Malmö!