2014-01-17 Events

Members meeting + Trend reporting by Berghs

Our members are what’s most important to us!

For a chance to get to know you better and acknowledge both your wishes and needs, we hereby invite you to a Members meeting. This is were we focus on our new member organizations and also leave room for personal presentations. We invite current members as well, to make the ultimate opportunity for good Matchmaking from the start. Media Evolution will tell you their story and the main purpose of being a user of our network. This will be a joyful morning including lunch, contacts and great connections as a perfect start to the time you will have with us.

Guest of the day: Åsa Marklund, Brand Manager of Berghs School of Communications.

When: 28/1, 09.00-13.00
Where: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6A, Malmö