HEFT International

What started with a child’s experiences when growing up on the family’s poultry farm, has now grown into a global company, committed to improving farm animal management. A commitment that has been present ever since that six-year-old boy said to himself that “this could and should be done in a better way”.

First-hand experience from farm life, and all things related to the steps and cycles of raising animals for food production, in combination with a will to change, is the core of our company.

And thanks to Harm Kiezebrink (no longer a six-year-old boy) and his many years of industry experience, we have developed innovations which makes a big difference in improving the last step in the life of farm animals. In everyday farm situations but also when emergency situations call for it.

Invånarna gör huset

I Media Evolution City möts stora och små företag, produktionsstarka aktörer samt innovativa och nyskapande sådana. Här möts näringslivet, akademin och de offentliga spelarna inom mediaområdet.

Det finns plats för många människor i Media Evolution City – 450-500 personer från små och stora företag möts här dagligen.