2019-11-11 Misc @en

Flexibel vardag – Work out at work

Since it’s a long time tradition that many start “a new life” after Christmas we thought we’d opt for a head start. Join Hanna from Oatly for a weekly workout at Media Evolution City starting November 27. It won’t be super-hi-tech-advanced-wawawawiwa but we’ll use the tools available inside and outside of Media Evolution City, especially our bodies. Expect a fun and playful challenge, suited for everyone!

16:30 by the Media Evolution City lobby on the following dates:

November 27 – Drop down for a squat.. or two
“During our very first session we will focus on releasing the power from our legs. After sitting down all day it is time to get that energy flowing. Come down for a 45 minute full body work-out were we combine cardio with strength only using our body and Media Evolutions tables as equipment. We will run around, squat in the corner, do a burpee in the conference room and a dip in the stairs. It will be fun.” / Hanna

December 2 – I’ll be ready for Christmas
“Christmas is coming up and time to keep up the energy to be able to cook as many saffron buns as possible. Because they are SO TASTY. Drop by at 16.30 to get a 45 min crossfit inspired session. We will focus on this brilliant exercise that focus on the entire body. Burpee party it is. We will go on with no stop because that is what you do in crossfit. And we might even have boiled broccoli afterwards to live crossfit 100%. Or maybe have our first ginger bread instead to be balanced.” / Hanna

December 11 – Work out, or in, who knows
“Work out is a strange name, what does it really mean? I can’t really tell but what I can tell is that we are going to move a lot at this occasion. We will use our body as equipment and combine cardio with strength and stretch. It is actually inspired by gymnastics BUT very simple. Me and my grandmother do it together so don’t freak out by the word gymnastic.”
/ Hanna

December 18 – Run people, run
“Time to run home for Christmas to dance around the tree. But before that we will run around our own tree at Media Evolution. We will run, jump, squat and sing the little frog song. What I want to say is that we will focus on cardio. If we do it well Santa might join us.”
/ Hanna