2015-06-16 Events


Interested in interactive digital storytelling? !F Lab is dedicated to training the next influential generation of journalists, (documentary) filmmakers, photographers, coders, graphic designers, storytellers, international correspondents, media professionals… in the digital age. !F Lab supports ambitious and creative professionals with the development of their digital interactive factual project via three x four days hands-on international workshops; Webdox/Docville, Leuven, Belgium (6th-9th of May 2015), The Conference, Malmö (20th-23rd of August 2015) and MozFest, London, UK (6th-9th of November 2015).

Each workshop concentrates on a different production phase: ideation, design & build. The aim is to do very practical sessions where a specialist gives you an overview of a methodology of work and then give you the time to apply it to your own project during the project itself. It is highly recommended to participate with an interactive factual project that you want to produce, but you can also come as an observer and help other projects to advance. The participation fee for one workshop session (4 days) amounts to 500 euro. Any extra team member pays a reduced fee of 350 euro.

The session in Malmö is called Design Booster as it will put emphasis on the UX and interface challenges that you face when creating an interactive story. This is a hands-on approach that should help you design an interface for your project, ideate a user journey, think about a cross-media marketing and financial strategy and ultimately have a prototype of your project. World famous UK creative agency Made by Many is designing a “how to test your story” workshop for it, and additional speakers are presented below.

When: August 20-23rd
Where: Media Evolution City
Price: 4560 SEK

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Speakers include exceptional experts such as Mike Robbins (Creative Developer, Helios Design Labs), Clint Beharry (Creative Designer, Harmony Institute), Filip Fastenaekels (Mediaproducer Flemish Public Radio and Television Broadcaster BBC, ZDF, NOS and NRK), Kasper Jordaens (Innovation Specialist at iMinds-MiX) and Sandra Gaudenzi (i-doc specialist, Academic & Researcher, co-founder of the i-Docs conference).