2013-10-18 Events

AW Seminar with Amelia Andersdotter and Foo Café

On October 30th, Foo Café invites you to an after work seminar with Amelia Andersdotter, EU parliamentarian from Piratpartiet, who talks about her work with digital infrastructure. The old Data Protection Act will be renewed but how will that affect web developing and what are the consequences for us individuals?

We frequently share our personal data and many of us use services like BankID. But what happens with the information we share? Who can access it and how will it work it in the future?

Do not, we repeat, do NOT miss this intriguing seminar about Personal data protection and exemption!

Last year, Amelia Andersdotter was appointed as the 5th most influential internet activist.

When: 30/10, 6 p.m
Where: Media Evolution City, Stora Varvsgatan 6A, Malmö

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