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A Crash Course in: Aktiva Åtgärder

All employers are bound by law to actively work to combat discrimination and to promote equal rights and opportunities in the work place. It’s not a “good to have”, it’s a must. Within the Anti Discrimination Act, the work required is called “Aktiva åtgärder” (active measures) and includes making sure sexual harassment won’t happen, to survey salaries and to make it easier for employees to combine work and parenthood.

Together with Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Norra Skåne and Malmö mot diskriminering we can now offer a half-day crash course in Aktiva åtgärder to get you going! First round: December 10!

The process of Aktiva åtgärder works like this:

  1. Investigate whether there are risks of discrimination or reprisals or if there are other obstacles for equal rights and opportunities within the work place
  2. Analyze the causes of the obstacles and risks found in the investigation
  3. Adopt the preventive and supportive measures that could reasonably be demanded
  4. Follow up and evaluate the work in accordance with 1-3

This process should be done within five different areas:

A half day course in “Aktiva åtgärder” together with Antidiskrimineringsbyrån Norra Skåne, Malmö mot diskriminering and Media Evolution.


The labour of Aktiva åtgärder has been established by the Anti Discrimination Act since January 2017 – but many organizations still lack the knowledge and tools to create and withhold a workplace where diversity and equal rights are actively promoted and continuously evaluated.  Take this chance to equality proof your organization so that you can take advantage of the competence and talent available that you might miss out on today… And to make sure that everyone gets treated equally – without discrimination – within your organisation.

Diversity and equal rights in the work place has been one of the most requested topics in Media Evolution’s annual member survey. 


A lighter breakfast will be served and yes, of course there will be coffee!

2500 SEK excl VAT

December 10, 8:30 – 12:00

Media Evolution City Gängtappen

By sending an email to aurora@mediaevolution.se

-> Note that the first round will be held in Swedish.