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2017-05-08 Allmänt

Månadens huskompis, maj!

Ida på Oatly skickade vidare månadens huskompis till “den glada i restaurangen”. Vi förstod att hon menade Chris, så:

Hi Chris! Tell us something about you and what you do:
I am Chris, I have being working with MECK since June 2012. I’m working as a dish washer.

Which place is your favorite in Media Evolution City?
My most favourite place is MECK because I am familiar with the place.

Whats the best thing about your work?
Meet people and random interaction with guests 🙂

Whats the best thing you like to do?
Sitting and watching my great club (Chelsea) playing in the weekends!

What engages you/makes you fired up?
personal initiative and room for creativity fires me up

 Who or what company do you want to know more about in Media Evolution City?
Crunchfish is a company that I want to know more about because of their listing on the Swedish stock exchange interest me.