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V.B.A.W. with King!

Skärmavbild 2016-01-11 kl. 11.10.21

Premiere! VBAW aka The World’s Best After Work (happy hour) is back in business. January 22nd, King i…

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How to create a...


10 december, 2015 – 16:30 – 18:30 The actual conference The Conference might happen once a yea…

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V.B.A.W. with CSR in...


Welcome to the best after work in the world Friday Nov 27th. Your host for the night is Grant Thornton. En…

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Free business consulting for members of Media Evolution!

As a member of Media Evolution you have access to free business consulting in banking, accounting, patent and union issues. Some of the Media Evolution Premium members who works here at Media Evolution City in the Media Forest, have founded a serv…
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800 visitors when Hyper Island hosted The World’s Best After Work

Just like last year, the exhibition of The Hyper Island-students was a success. The 800 visitors broke the after work record and got to try the cool projects, which was a mix of physical and digital experiences. The 57 students showcased 15 different pr…
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The Opening Party 2014

Media Evolution City has turned two and OH how many great friends that we’ve got to know along the way, tenants as well as guests. As meeting point the house is ever recreated and of course it should be celebrated every year. One week before Swedish…
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